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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 17, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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time, pcledig tatihen oer rltoled the pe ld,e iuollhe u. br inf the m i trreets ofuarez ha been paedilal visitso w is rn ten betwn h hoou22teigwnouoreanoa eto vw vaf e esa rehreaanmen the aintns an iradthe fee soh re >>anthobminiraon rtlyadal n clthug cordg to" abrapl
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rin y.>>therdedrg adafochu drivers face a four-ho abmiles. least a mobere i-70 ely -o ofs hoane edmorrownoon w c on al scl w ge tde i we, a mpy oba raorts de00 xicar aiitev g tn ilon it roseas part tes pe eaer taxret s thg d ioannounthatdi
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earna ck's neariopol ree srom tealreclaithei ing odea, alpere theasto ssn m vithe ninga in wo'triuttrdo atm arn tunt ln he says wre of. kristine houstonation r pl lathure thsh hist so >> wk t ham re.i' r us oundis harre ad nhy. wasn'uno jail heer.anding stunt ln. all the gu and th
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teatnri at v owe,5ol nce t er says ei he wasd ta be a fedudge>> hkem i he hab steg omovt? i sere ste g nhufepu hals ae rwhenhetetetot aker sted aand thsite verballsaido dees thaad as d a b reng tur the orhi a payme $2acinst smuowy
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usanen u ra akowel c , amll. >>ter: he sa it s keen ytmi. adse o r. doeelald. >>ew ve. h d at of cuttingn unaby fromothersis morng en tvi i to ify.and i'ave yourforecan st a little sh, h,
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n.donamay beleg hane t he'sllot ay l vehe laste o e itho mning lodo 4:3 esy ua7t annacl look.. -libosab... he 1 toda it ll b anr t drday.teerates ll ep waerhas tsd wi t s d s ro sn ll sthartlmocldy. teedrongin tu our, with -5phus pole! while the we evatnsat ndn sd, ryill get hewisnthwinde up aad of em twi ly on
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for the secondha ek40and s.n will nen sncodo ap ste if muutlo. openg argus e egin r day thiaai won ac cut a unboab omther s . lookind ni. thimelle, alsed to investigat say wilkins to


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